A problem has occured - SharePoint / TRIM integration


I came across this problem when configuring the TRIM TCSI Components for SharePoint 2007. Specifically, the project was installing the "TCSI SharePoint 2007 Components 2.1 SP3.exe" components.

Installation of the components went OK. We were specifying the TRIM Context server during the MSI install, but with no ICE server (left blank). Once the MSI install was complete, and the Site Collection features were activated, the usual TcsiSettings.aspx link appears under the site collections Settings.aspx page.

However, once clicking on the page, the following two errors were displayed (on /_layouts/TcsiSettings.aspx).

A problem has occured: An unexpected and unknown problem has occurred in the Unique World Software framework exception handling class. No details are available for this problem. Problem ID: 1001003001


A problem has occured: An unexpected and unknown problem has occurred in the TCSI CommonServices. No details are available for this problem Problem ID: 1100004001

Looking at the Security Event Log on the SharePoint server, there are numerous failed Security audit events. All relating to an account local to the SharePoint server - UWSPrivilegedUser.

Sure enough, when looking at the account under the Local Users section on the SharePoint server, it is indeed locked out. I tried unlocking it and re-loaded the TcsiSettings.aspx in a web browser. The same two errors above were displayed, and looking at the Local User properties for UWSPrivilegedUser, the account was again locked.

The following registry keys seem to contain the username and password of the account being used to perform certain internal functions:


with three String Values:

  • Encrypted

  • PrivilegedAccount

  • Version I attempted to re-install the TRIM SharePoint components by removing them first (from Add/Remove programs). While the registry entries mentioned above were removed, as well as the local UWSPrivilegedUser account, re-installing via the MSI came up with the same results.

I eventually found a solution. After reading the [documentation provided by HP][1], I found there's a setting you can give the installer to tell it what the minimum and maximum size of the password for the UWSPrivilegedAccount.

The setting is a registry String value, under the following key:


The String value is named "PasswordLength", and specifies the minimum and maximum size by entering two integer values, with a dot in between, e.g. "8.8" (without quotes).

By specifying the minimum and maximum password lenth values as 8 and 8 respectively, and removing and adding the components again, the Security event log no longer contained any Audit failure messages against the UWSPrivilegedAccount user, nor did any errors display on the /_layouts/TcsiSettings.aspx page.

[1]: h41112.www4.hp.com/promo/imhub/library/manuals/trim/TCSI 2.1 SP3 Installation guide.pdf