Mark Powney

This blog is maintained by Mark Powney.

Mark is a Cloud Architect at Engage Squared, where he designs solutions for the Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms. He has been developing for the web since 1998.

Always on the look out for low-code solutions, Mark's passion lies with staying on-trend with the latest cloud-first development practices. He routinely works with the following technologies and platforms:

Mark also has a keen interest in the following technologies and concepts, and how they may be integrated to create robust and viable business solutions:

Mark offers what might now be considered a unique insight into the journey of the SharePoint developer, from a time where server-side solutions were developed when the phrase "on-premises" didn't exist, to solutions that are globally connected, designed with user-centric principles from the ground up. Today he builds modern Office 365 experiences that touch thousands of people world-wide every day.